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What we do

Today numerous apps exist with specific features. Some of these apps were designed many years ago, and so they no longer meet requirements for modern data centers. Others have not been updated and some are no longer compatible with today’s infrastructure. Truedata will help you set up a sophisticated and effective app strategy. Truedata Application Assessment is about preventing application sprawl. Truedata consultants will help reduce legacy apps, offer app re-platforming and apply all required app upgrades.

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Applications are consumed in different ways, but still require maintenance and coordination with your organization.

Truedata helps with:

  • Advising
  • Application or cloud service selection
  • Configuration and maintenance
  • Migrations

Software and Cloud Solutions

Office 365

One of the most used cloud platforms is currently Office 365. For a fixed price per month, your Office subscription is always up to date and services such as email, file synchronization, collaboration and communication are taken care of. Truedata helps with set-up, migrating and maintenance. With a single subscription fee, your organization can be ready for the future.


For many the safety of an IT environment remains for many an uncertainty. In addition to firewalls and end-point protection, it is difficult to be sure whether something has come trought unnoticed. In addition to firewalls and anti-virus software, Truedata also offers services to actively analyze data flows 24/7 to ensure that no data is unwillingly left your organization.


Whether it is Cloud applications / -services or software that you are running within your organization, they all need a form of licensing. Truedata helps with the purchase and regulation of these licenses.

Cloud Services

Your organization, like other organizations, is using more and more Cloud services. Where these were easy to maintain in the beginning, slowly this becomes bigger daily task. Truedata helps to set up, migrate, optimize and take over the daily management. You can continue to focus on your business while we take care of your IT.

Looking for clarity about the cost of IT solutions?

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Partnering takes a central place in the philosophy of Truedata. Working closely together with our Business Partners is essential to deliver knowledge and experience to our customers.