“Truedata commits to keeping your data safe and accessible.”

Rohan Henric Nikookar – Consultant, Truedata


The choice of a particular solution can be a head breaker, a successful implementation of this whilst ensuring the necessary challenges. Truedata understands this better than anyone. Our customers know they can trust when it comes to blind us carefree deployment, migration and optimization of the chosen solution. To achieve this, we continuously invest in training and certification of our employees and organization. So we continue to lead the IT industry and you can expect a successful IT project when you choose Truedata.

Transparency about costs

Who regularly purchase IT products wonders sometimes if the price paid is in line with the quality delivered. Truedata offers you the opportunity to purchase more efficient and cost-conscious IT equipment. This is based on open calculation or by purchasing even entirely for you. Especially when it concerns recurring purchases you can save money with this Truedata service. Whichever option you choose. Truedata Procurement Services keep your IT costs transparent and keep control of your IT spend.

Working at Truedata

We are always looking for driven IT talents who share our passion to serve our customers as effectively as possible. Within the professional environment of Truedata is an open atmosphere and you have a lot of freedom.


With help of Truedata we modernized our storage and back-up environment to increase availability and operational efficiency at EAGE. Truedata is a flexible organization and is truly committed to provide high service in their line of expertise. This is what makes working with Truedata a pleasure and makes you feel you’re not just another customer.


Nini Kapetanovic, Systems Manager
European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)

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Partnering takes a central place in the philosophy of Truedata. Working closely together with our Business Partners is essential to deliver knowledge and experience to our customers.