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We cherish our privilege of working together. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy at all times. On this page, we explain exactly which data we make sure to collect during your visit to our website, and how we are able to proceed in a user-friendliness manner.

This privacy policy applies to each and every service Truedata has to offer. However, please understand that Truedata cannot take responsibility for the privacy policy of any other site nor source. Using this website means you accept the privacy policy.
Truedata respects the privacy of whoever visits its website, making sure any personal information you care to share with us is handled with the utmost confidentiality.


Truedata has reported its data processing system to CBP (Dutch Data Protection Authority) in The Hague, the Netherlands, under number m1558527.

Using our services

To use one of our services, we need your personal data. Data will be stored on Truedata’s protected servers or a third party’s server. We will never combine this information with any other personal data that we have at our disposal.


We might decide to save any (email) messages you care to send us. Sometimes we might need your personal data for the situation at hand. It helps us meet your requests. All data are stored into Truedata’s protected servers or a third party’s server. We will never combine this information with any
other personal data that we have at our disposal.


We collect data for investigative purposes in order to understand our customers’ needs and expectations, and fine-tune our services accordingly. We use “cookies” (text files installed onto your computer) to help us analyse how the website is being used. All information generated with these cookies ca be transferred to Truedata’s protected servers or a third party’s server. This information helps us understand those visiting our website and provide other services as well dedicated to website activity and use of the internet.


We will never collect nor use information for purposes other than those described in our privacy policy, unless we have your prior consent to do as such.

Third parties

Third parties cannot access any information. In some cases, however, information might be shared internally. Our staff must respect the confidential nature of your data at all times.


Our privacy statement is geared towards the use of and possibilities of this website. Any adaptations/changes might lead to amendment of this privacy statement. We kindly recommend consulting this privacy statement on a regular basis.

Personal data

Visitors may inspect, change or remove any personal information that we have received.

Change/write messages

Please contact us to change or remove your files.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies are installed onto most browsers, however you may reset to refuse cookies or decide when cookies are submitted. Nevertheless, some of the functions or services of our websites and external websites as well might not work properly in case cookies are disabled.

Questions and feedback

On a regular basis, we make sure we still comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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