“Truedata commits to keeping your data safe and accessible.”

Rohan Henric Nikookar – Consultant, Truedata


Most organizations have preferred suppliers in place. Truedata respects these relationship and focusses on cooperation instead. Preferred suppliers, IT Solution Providers and Cloud Service Providers may count on our support and services.

IT Solution Providers

Are you an IT solution provider? We like to join hands to extend your service offering or increasing customer experience. Truedata provides expert engineers for specific IT projects.We can extend your workforce during holidays or major projects. This way your customers will receive the same high quality without any disruptions.

Cloud Service Providers

We love to help our customers get in touch with our cloud service provider. Truedata has made the strategic choice of offering expertise to cloud service providers. We don’t offer competitive cloud solutions. This way we can offer customers the choice from one of our many partners. Our cloud service provider partners can depend on our prime services and so can new customers.

Looking for clarity about the cost of IT solutions?

Request a quotation from Truedata.

Get a clear insight in the cost of your IT project. We give transparent quotations including possible financing options like leasing or credit.


Partnering takes a central place in the philosophy of Truedata. Working closely together with our Business Partners is essential to deliver knowledge and experience to our customers.