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Now more then ever, you and your company depend on IT. Often so much dependent that instead of the supporting role IT should have, it is now the main part of your daily operational activities. Research shows that questions such as “what about the continuity of our infrastructure?” And “who makes sure that if things go wrong, we can still recover quickly?” Play an important role for you as an IT manager.

Truedata works with IT professionals who can fill in precisely these issues. Specialists who, independently and with a clear view on continuity, increase the uptime of your IT infrastructure and simplify maintenance. In addition to fully understanding your Service Level Agreements and the various terms of your service agreements, we also lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your IT infrastructure by an average of 40%, which you can spend elsewhere in your company. By accommodating your service contracts with one specialist knowledge partner, you are assured of a lightning-fast problem solving on location, even after the warranty period. In this way the continuity of your IT infrastructure is guaranteed so you can focus on what really matters; carefree business.

The guarantees of Truedata in short.

  • Mon independent; certified specialists ensure the continuity of different brands of server storage and network components within your IT infrastructure.
  • Flexible service agreements; maturities from one month to 5 years.
  • Custom made; service levels that fit your company, from next working day on location to 24 * 7 * 365 within 2 hours on location throughout the Netherlands.
  • All under one roof; never more ambiguity about who to call in the event of a calamity. A single point of contact, accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Inspectionable; full transparency in our service agreements through an online customer portal, including clear incident management module.
  • Significant savings; on average a saving of 40% on your Total Cost of Ownership of the IT infrastructure. We like to make the difference, ask for an offer without obligation.

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Partnering takes a central place in the philosophy of Truedata. Working closely together with our Business Partners is essential to deliver knowledge and experience to our customers.