AI Powered and Cyber Resilient Data Management Platform

Eliminate data Sprawl, Consolidate data silos and protect your company’s data from ransomware attacks. Store and protect files in NFS and SMB or objects, protect your primary data and applications, add enterprise data services and Big Data Analytics all in one unlimited scale out platform under a single GUI. Cohesity supports any consumption model and is applicable to any industry! The Cohesity Next-Gen data management platform! Read why Cohesity is truly the solution for your organization!

Any Enterprise Data Service


  • VM and Docker Data Protection
    • VMware, Microsoft and Linux Cross VM recovery
  • SAAS, eg: Office 365 and Google Data Protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Test & Dev data services
  • S3 object data services
  • NFS and SMB data services
  • 3rd party data services through docker integration like:
    • Data lake analytics
    • Enterprise search
    • Anti virus and anti malware

Any Consumption Model

  • BAAS or DRAAS services starting from € 79,- per month
  • Run as virtual or physical appliance in a private cloud environment; rent, lease or buy
  • Run in a secure fully managed local cloud by Truedata for low price per month
  • Run in a hyperscale cloud like AWS and Google, price per month billing

Any Industry

From Oil and gas to media and entertainment to even a local retailer. Cohesity starts from € 79,- a month for any size company. Cohesity’s scale out architecture and broad integrated approach of data management fits even the biggest company’s requirements. Replace all legacy tools with one simple tool that will give your organization the advantage.

Single GUI

The Cohesity Single GUI manages all datatypes within your Cohesity Cluster. If you are a multinational running the Cohesity platform physical locally, virtual at hundreds of sites and multiple instances in the public cloud, Cohesity Helios will manage all these instances under a single umbrella. Truly converge your data platform now with Cohesity and Truedata.

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