Cloudmodels allow you to respond to ever faster market developments. Next-generation solutions (e.g. converged infrastructure) combined with a cloudmodel will make your organisation better organised, more flexible and above all more efficient. You may count on Truedata to build your entire infrastructure, from physical hardware to management and orchestration.


A private cloud allows you to design your on-premises IT infrastructure based on a cloudmodel. You can have your very own IT infrastructure with a cloudserviceprovider. Both solutions allow you to remain in control of your active resources as well as the physical infrastructure.


A public cloud means you may use a cloudserviceprovider’s cloudmodel. Resources can be set as such to meet your organisation, however the underlying physical infrastructure remains ‘public’ property. It means individual control is limited or non-existent.


A combination of private and public – hybrid cloud – is a good option in case you want an on-premise cloud solution. With hybrid, the main parts are covered by your own infrastructure while less important infrastructure can be moved to the cloudserviceprovider’s public cloud.

Want insight in your IT infrastructure?

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Our storage, back-up and virtualisation assessments give you insight in your IT infrastructure. You will directly see how your infrastructure is setup and bottlenecks are brought to the surface. You can use these results as a baseline for fine-tuning your IT infrastructure and many other applications.


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